What is more badass, bolder
and more British than the English
Bulldog. Its no bullshit attitude
resonates with our own. Lord Wyn,
our mascot, is the baddest dog.
But once you know him, you`ll know
that he has a good heart.

He is an aviator toting tough dog,
with a permanent duck-off
expression (duck obviously was a typo).
He is into cross training and is
part of a biking gang. He spends his
free time shooting basketball hoops.

The bad to the bone avatar of Lord
Wyn. Lord Wyn the Bad has a no
holds barred attitude. He rides a
custom chopper, listens to heavy
metal, and hits the gym twice a day
for weight training.

He may have become sophisticated,
but he hasn't lost his mean streak.
Lord Wyn the Sauve puts his swag in
his premium avatar, with a pair of
cool blue specs and a bowtie. He can
be found chilling at pubs and bars,
wiping the pool table with anyone
who dares challenge him.