Taking inspiration from the vibrant UK craft beer scene, Witlinger is the first crafted beer in India brewed in British style of brewing with over 130 years of traditional brewing heritage, knowledge, and expertise. Witlinger beer is brewed with the finest ingredients from around the world to offer distinctive flavors, giving a real and honest craft beer experience.

Witlinger's Wheat Ale is India's first and unique category of wheat beer. It has distinctive zesty orange and coriander flavours that make it refreshing and easy-to-drink beer at any time of the day. Witlinger's Lager is brewed with British hops giving it distinctive lemon grass finish. Witlinger beers are made with 100% malt with no additives.

'British Bulldog' as a mascot characterizes Witlinger true brand identity and conveys a strong message of being Bold - with a lot of attitude, honesty & fun. The mascot highlights Witlinger's British origin with a classic British Bulldog.

Witlinger is a perfect choice for beer lovers who are frequently looking for a strong and bold brand with distinctive flavors and honest taste.


Anuj Kushwah is the Managing Director and Founder of Kaama Breweries Pvt Ltd.

His love for beer and beverages made him relocate from the English countryside to India. An MBA from London in International Trade and Finance, he had an exciting number crunching business in UK when he decided to go after his rage and passion for beers. The love lead him to take a tour across the continent to explore craft beers.

Pint by pint, he savored the styles and selections of brews in UK and Europe and thought to himself, "India deserves some damn fine craft beer like this, too". After carefully understanding and considering Indian taste profile he decided to develop craft beers range that is easy to drink, simple yet complex, in-your-face ales, and huge aromatics bigger bodied beers.

That's how in 2014, Mr Kushwah launched Witlinger Beer - an honest craft beer with bold taste and has authentic British roots.

Anuj is strengthening the craft beer market in India and is extremely happy to share his passion with the emerging Indian market. He understands both Indian and Western sensibilities and is keen to quench the thirst of a nation that is always looking for something new.